Prices for accommodation

Prices for accommodation

For exact price of accommodation use reservation form.

Important information

  • The first day can be accommodated at any time after 14.00 pm, on the last day of your stay must be room to release up to 10.00 am
  • All rooms are equipped with a bathroom with tub, toilet, television, wireless Internet connection WiFi.
  • Meals in our hotel, you can choose according to how it suits you. If interested, you can opt for accommodation with breakfast or order lunch for CZK 99 per person per day or dinner for CZK 140 per person per day. Meals are ordered at the hotel reception.
  • In our hotel accommodation is paid in advance.
  • We accept credit cards. Reimbursement invoice for hotel accommodations are possible on the basis of agreement, but the invoice be paid before the start of accommodation.


If you want to book in our hotel, please fill out the booking form or contact us on the phone number 596 664 001 or by e-mail These data can also use in the event that you have an inquiry on us.